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Albaddad Tent Prefab shade solutions event rentals

Al-Haj Hussein Albaddad

Albaddad Tent Prefab shade solutions event rentals

Dr.Fateen Albaddad

Albaddad Tent Prefab shade solutions event rentals

Zayed Hussein Albaddad

Albaddad group has been established in Abu Dhabi 1971 by the founder “ Hussain Albaddad” to supply the requirements of the tents from the royal family that time and other official authorities in addition to the individual clients. Continued by the second generation of Albaddad who manage the company and develop it according to the highest world standardisation that made Albaddad group ranked number one worldwide.

Second generation of Albaddad family found that the need of establishing factories for prefabricated units, Aluminum, glass, technology, steel and steel structures in addition to the garden furniture and many other companies which diversity the business sectors and products.

Albaddad international has Accompanied Renaissance of UAE since the union established 1971, we took the responsibilities to develop the market we worked in according to the global standardization, and many times create a new standardization to the sector, that made us ranked number one in the world with our branches that exist in the most important economic centers and many other countries in the world.

Albaddad takes a place on 1,500,000 Sq.ft, employed 1,500 employees who believed in the leadership concept, realising that it requires hard work professionalism and awareness about each single detail. Our sector of leadership was never and sudden success, or based on economic boom, it comes from our belief that we are a team and will never accept less than number one rank.

Following the way we have been passed, and the hard work we have been done, I’m pleased to thank all members of this group who participate in establishing this industrial monument which we are all proud of. I would like to thank also our strategic partners who believed as well in our name to ranked number one worldwide.


The founding of the company in the city of Abu Dhabi and the provision of tents and traditional membrane fabrics including the basic type of Arabian iron tents and Pakistani fabrics.


The opening of the second branch in the city of Abu Dhabi, This branch is bigger with more experienced staff.


The opening of a new branch in Bani Yas - Abu Dhabi.


Implementing the latest and most advanced technology in the field of steel structures and add air conditioning systems for the first time.


The opening of Al Ain Branch in addition to the opening of manufacturing and storage facility .


Opening Sharjah branch in addition to specialized industrial facility for Albaddad to manufacture all types of aluminum halls and advanced PVC Membranes and Albaddad Prefab Facility .


The opening of the Dubai branch and the formation of regional sales and marketing


The opening of Qatar Branch


The expansion of Albaddad Industrial Complex in Sharjah and the establishment of Albaddad logistic support and global procurement facility


Opening Albaddad Branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( Riyadh , Jeddah ) in addition to the establishment of a logistical support equal to the size of their counterparts in the United Arab Emirates .


The opening of Albaddad Regional facility in the city of Dubai with an area of 1.5 million square feet to include Albaddad factories for aluminum and glass factories Albaddad prefabricated unites, engineering and technology. This year has also had been the opening Albaddad branch in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


Opening of Albaddad Australia and got ISO certificate


Albaddad opened a branch in South America ( Brazil , Riodijenero) in addition to the opening of Albaddad in the Sultanate of Oman , Also Albaddad received the ISO certification for environment-friendly products , project management and matching security and safety specifications


Albaddad opened Albaddad aviation in Aqaba,Jordan

Our Vision

AlBaddad Group of Companies Middle East’s ambition is to become number one within its range of activities, to maintain what has already been achieved as a group of companies congregate that holds many companies under its slope, while building a unique image of AlBaddad as an economic entity that has promising investment potential, to sustain and develop all the enterprise’s companies, that support our investment that have both humanitarian and intellectual directions through our appreciation and effective participation in media, intellectual, artistic and charity sectors.Giving the name of our presence in all vital forums, be it economic, commercial, investment, media or intellectual,to achieve a global and international ranking, with its competitive performance, the quality of products and services it presents, and the reliance on exploration and creativity.

Our Mission

Encouraging creativity and innovation by supporting promising professional resources.

Distributing administrative responsibilities through diversification and participation.

Expanding our industry and productivity by spreading AlBaddad Capital branches and representative offices around the world.

Developing our various products while maintaining its specifications and high quality standards.

Building partnerships with major companies in the tech industry, where AlBaddad has an active name and role.

Sustaining productive development using modern technology, while introducing all global possibilities to our production lines in AlBaddad Group of factories.

Maintaining eco friendly production in our factories, while supporting and developing it in compatibility with the global trend towards a better environment.

Our customers should always be appreciated and their satisfaction is one of the most important objectives that we work constantly at all AlBaddad projects and businesses around the world.

Our Values

Our values are extreme diligence and loyalty to our working ethics such as integrity, transparency and credibility.

We work in an environment of an open door policy, where you respect every individual and accept criticism to reach success, through exchanging of views and ideas.

Achieving the maximum benefit providing our customers with the best product, best price fastest service and professionalism.

The Policies

AlBaddad Group’s concept for distinguished work is based on development and management. Our services and business processes are done in compatibility with all the international quality standards required while ensuring proper healthy work climate to preserve the safety of workers and develop professional environment.

Human Resources

Human resources are considered the main force in AlBaddad Group.It’s the main engine that supports all its activities due to unity of all its manpower with a stable vision to provide optimum service delivery to the client and to make his requirements and needs part of our priorities, as well as the methodology of forming a working group to find solutions to any problems that might be encountered.

Albaddad Tent Prefab shade solutions event rentals