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Al baddad signs a new contract with KIZAD
A new face of the expansion for KIZAD (Khalifa Port Abudhabi ) storage facility was rewarded to albaddad.
Albaddad attend kazabal 2015 exhibition
Albaddad International attent Kazbuild 2015 exhibition in the South capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 2 to 5 of September
Prefabricated offices for DP world Dubai.
Albaddad completed new prefabricated offices for DP World Dubai. The structural technology that was implemented to manufacture...
Albaddad takes a new horizons by manufacturing the first modular falcon hospital.
Albaddad International designed, manufactured, delivered and installed...
Albaddad Prefab is a provider of light steel framing, steel joist, and steel joist girders for mid-rise commercial and residential buildings. Albaddad Prefab has pioneered a construction method using Green friendly materials and an engineered design which provides a revolutionary, flexible and cost effective structural construction technology that improves sound separation and fire retardation. Albaddad Prefab offers the lite-weight framing and light steel flooring alternative to regular concrete construction without sacrificing strength and durability; Albaddad Prefab offers developers and homeowners the opportunity to upgrade a building at a modest premium. We also provide design and engineering assistance that allows you to easily integrate our technologies into your project.
Albaddad industrial complex Dubai Free Zone,Techno Park 56162 UAE
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