Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

A leading economic group dedicated to providing modern exterior solutions, temporary buildings, relief units, mobile halls, and event facilities in the MENA region. It is one of the largest companies in the world specialized in the manufacturing of prefabricated buildings, tents, and warehouses. It also provides integrated solutions for shadow tensile shadesdesigned forfacilities, as well as external covers.

Today, ALBADDAD Capital is known as one of the best producers of construction materials and infrastructure industries, such as steel, aluminum, and glass.It is also well known for providing a wide range of garden furniture and services in the design, organization, management, and implementation of various events.

Furthermore, ALBADDAD plays an active role in investment; real estate development; contracting; retail trade for garden furniture, curtains, event furniture, and equipment; and design, implementation, and management of festivals and events.

ALBADDAD takes care of its social role in the host countries, supporting its investment orientations with humane ideas that develop society and contribute to its advancement.


ALBADDAD seeks to be the first in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in its field. It ever aspires to acquire a global position and ranking, characterized by competitive performance and high quality products and services.

To achieve this, we rely on innovation, creativity, and keeping abreastwith the latest technology to maintain the position we have reached in building a unique view of ALBADDAD as an economic entity with promising investment potential.



  • Encourage innovation and creativity with the support of promising professionals;
  • Expand our manufacturing and productivity capacity by deploying branches of ALBADDAD and acquiring clients all over the world.
  • Develop our various industrial products and maintain the high quality standards and specifications that represent us.
  • Offer products with world-class standards.
  • Sustain productive development plans using modern technology and introduce all global capabilities into our production lines.
  • Maintain, support, and developeco-friendly production in line with the global trend towards a better environment.


  • Practice full adherence to sound business principles in terms of integrity, transparency, and credibility at work.
  • Provide the best products that meet the needs of our clientswith premium prices, fast service, and high professionalism.
  • Accept criticism as part of our "open door" policy, in an environment that respects the individual and endeavor to achieve success through constructive criticism and exchange of views and ideas.


  • ALBADDAD is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and fast services that ensure timely delivery undera management system committed to development.
  • Our products and quality management system comply with international standards approved and credited by a third party worldwide.

Human Resources (HR)

ALBADDAD's human resources represent the main force and engine supporting all the activities of its companies. These forces work with a constant vision, which is to provide the best service to the client, taking into account his requirements and needs at the top of their priorities. The group also adopts the methodology of forming a team capable of finding solutions to any problems encountered.

Human Resources

  • ALBADDAD operates on a development and management basis;
  • Our service delivery and business execution is subject to the international quality standards required to ensure a healthy working environment that maintains the safety and health of employees and a professional environment, necessary for complete customer satisfaction;
  • We provide our employees with training opportunities that increase their efficiency and knowledge of all laws and regulations under occupational and environmental safety and health. We also continue to motivate employees to spread and ensure this awareness;
  • ALBADDAD systems and internal regulations are consistent with policies that are reviewed periodically to ensure their relevance, development, and sustainability.

Health, Safety, and Environment

  • ALBADDAD Companies’ management is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment in all facilities, offices, and workplaces. The management considers the health and safety of staff its highest priority
  • Every effort is made to remove or minimize any adverse environmental effects; comply with all relevant environmental, health, and safety regulations and requirements; and continuously improve the health and safety systems. Moreover, the health system encourages the cultivation of plants suitable for the environment of the region to meet the highest levels of environmental safety;
  • Develop a well-planned budget for sustainable management; follow up the system of security, safety, and environment; and review and monitor this performance.